Cultural events/tourist information:

Each day various cultural events take place in Poznań. One page where you can learn about the offer of theaters, galleries, and clubs is:

Centrum Informacji Miejskiej (English: City Information Center) and Salon Posnania
ul.Ratajczaka 44, 61-728 Poznań
phone numbers: +48 61 851 96 45; +48 61 19431 (for callers from outside of Poznań), 19431 (for callers from Poznań)
Centrum Informacji Turystycznej (English: Tourist Information Center) CIT, Stary Rynek 59/60
CIM Lotnisko Ławica (at the Poznań-Ławica Airport), ul. Bukowska 285
CIM Dworzec PKP (the new building of the railway station), ul. Dworcowa 2
CIM Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie (at Poznań International Fair), ul. Głogowska 14

There is also information about leisure and sports centers and historical places, as well as practical information about accommodation, restaurants, transport, etc.

Public transport in the city:

There are time tickets in Poznań (up to 10 minutes, up to 40 minutes, 24 h, 48 h, or 72 h) and a PEKA card which is available for visitors in the bearer version.
Below you will find the detailed ticket price list and information about the tickets:

The public transport timetable is available at:

It is also available at the website given below, which helps choose the route and means of transport:


In order to book a taxi call one of the numbers listed on the website: